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Thread: New member Jim32

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    New member Jim32

    We have a new member, Jim32. Here's what he had to say:

    I'm in year three of my Factory 5 build. Mark 4 cobra. As of three weeks ago, the car is mechanically sound and. I've been driving it around my neighborhood without the fiberglass body. At this point it's all fun (or even more fun) getting the final touches completed. Any information I can learn from your site and share what I have learned would be terrific.

    Well Jim, we have a number of members who have built F5 cars, including one who just finished a beautiful custom build and another member who is about 90% done with what is possibly the most customized build ever but has become distracted with other things, so we're all rooting for him to finish. Hopefully, they'll both see this and chime in. Anyway, I hope you get involved and post details and more photos of your build and your experiences completing the car. And, of course, feel free to ask questions...

    Enjoy the forum!


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    Welcome to the site and it looks as if you have another really nice car there. The Cobra will be a lot of fun and you seem to have most of the really hard work done. What engine are you using in it? And join in on any of the threads as we talk about everything. Well most of us do, we still have that One Guy.



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    my first impression was , omg, he's sitting on cardboard seats

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    Jim, welcome. Nice looking build. Can't wait to see the rest.

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    Welcome aboard Jim, and hopefully I will not scare you off. That seems to happen a lot here.

    Take a look at these two members build threads.

    And if you have the time, start a build thread of your own and document what you have done so far and what you still have to do.

    I'm probably that "one guy" that Ron mentioned.

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    Welcome to the site. You should find a lot of information on Factory Five builds on the site. Keep us posted,
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