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    When I bought my Superformance last year, the previous owner also gave me a lot of Cobra related literature which he had collected. His daughter who was living in the USA, would often send him things which he would want to either add on, or upgrade on the car.

    Amongst some of the the stuff, was a catalog from "Cobranda", who specialise amongst other things, Cobra related parts. I believe it is owned by a Tony Branda, which he cleverly combined into his company's name. I have never heard of them before. The company is in the State of PA, but I have no clue where that is...

    The catalog I have is fairly old but it did provide an email and website address, and I will link it down below. I did quickly check it out, and they have quite a selection of Cobra & Mustang related parts. I believe they are still in business.

    Just thought I would share this incase someone might be interested.

    Their website:
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    Tony Branda is a big Mustang and Cobra guy. I have ordered a lot of things from them over the years and they have some things that are hard to find anywhere else.



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    I've also purchased products from them - my valve covers, for example. No issues with their service or products.


    PS: Pennsylvania is in the northeast U.S. just west of New York City.

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    Tony's the one that sold me my 5 1/2" embroidered Cobra emblems for my new floor mats. BTW he just joined the "Cobra" forum on Farcebook.

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