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Thread: Will John Force Be back

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    Will John Force Be back

    This is a copy and paste from an article in the NHRA news and I looked on the Force Website and he has posted a schedule of races that they may run.

    So the best news the NHRA can have as it goes forward: John Force will be back in 2021, starting with the season opener—wherever that may be. “I have every reason to believe” he will return, said Glen Cromwell, and an executive with insight into the Force camp was even more forceful: “Take it to the bank—John Force will be back in 2021.”

    At 71, the fast talking Force is an unlikely hero, but the fan base he has, as well as his family and drivers, is unparalleled. The team has 280 victories and 21 championships total, but it is Force whose over-the-top, larger-than-life personality connects with NHRA fans.



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    What little I know of John would lead me to believe he will be back at it.
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    He lived down the block from us when we were in Yorba Linda (CA). During the off-season it wasn’t unusual to run into him at the local donut shop or groceries store. He’s the exact same guy you see on TV...his personality is always going 300mph.

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    I sure hope he will be back. I did not watch one race last year as without him it was boring.

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