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Thread: Are Any Of You Getting The Effects Of Sally

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    Are Any Of You Getting The Effects Of Sally

    Is anyone here having any problems caused by hurricane Sally? I have been watching the news casts and it looks as if the winds aren't going to be the worst problem but the rain will be as it is moving so slow. Hopefully it won't be as bad as they think it could be.



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    The wife and I are watching as her brother lives in Pensacola. They are getting slammed with rain right now and gusts to 75mph. I told her to call him and she said he is probably asleep. I don't think so with what they are getting!! I wouldn't be asleep that's for sure.

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    Yeah - poor Pensacola appears to be getting it again. Hope the damage is mostly just a bunch of rain - which is bad enough.
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    I knew a Sally and she would get really, really wet.

    To be serious I hope the damage is not that bad.

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