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Thread: No spark...

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    I always keep a 20lb bag of tools in the trunk. Includes things like a large can of Fix-A-Flat, a spare spark plug and wire, a tow strap, and even a -10AN section of braided line with fittings that bypasses the oil cooler for any reason it gets a leak. Even extra needle and seat for the carb and just enough tools to service things like a rocker arm or a water pump. Now adding the coil/mag pickup. I’m prepared for a lot of scenarios. Probably should add a multi-meter to the quiver, too.

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    My in line AN6 fuel filter is my life saver. It's happened twice where I can't rev past 5k, then 4k, then 3K, until all I can do is idle. New filter and she's good as new.

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