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Thread: Charging System Troubleshooting--Blown Ignition Light Fuse?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ACHiPo View Post
    I’ve reverted the wiring to Bob’s suggestion, eliminating the ignition light, and the charging system is working correctly again.

    Something I didn't ask at the very beginning (but was wondering), would a simple ignition light require juuuuuuust enough amps to pop a fuse? I'm an electrical doofus so I didn't think that would be the cause. But all roads on this issue seem to point there (and now the fuel sender). Can I also ask this? Why in hell did ERA place all of these items (charging system, tach, fuel send, ignition light, etc.) on the same damn circuit? I can understand why the gauges would be on one circuit but not the other items. Seems a little strange for my 10 cent brain to understand.
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    Fair question, but I don’t think so. It ran and worked great for 400 miles. Something changed.

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