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Thread: Front License Plate

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    Generally the police are pretty lenient one classic cars. If it was your modern daily driver you would probably get a ticket.
    I would agree... I do like the hideaway bracket though.

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    Most of you probably know this but the original street 427's came with a spring loaded fold down bracket attached to the lower hoop of the front bumper. Whenever you exceeded about 25 mph the plate folded back to provide more airflow to the radiator. I got stopped a couple of times in late 1965 and early 1966 for no plate but when the cop looked there it was, so no ticket. I decided that the car looked much better without the license plate bracket and nose splitter and removed both in 1966. Twenty six years later Brian Angliss told me that I was a fool to run the car with out that splitter because it provided front down force. He was right with the splitter installed I have been over 170 on a road course and the front end stayed planted.

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    CSX3170, that's the first I've heard of originals having a front plate bracket of any kind, let alone a fold back one. That must be an extremely rare part to come by. I bet you could sell it for a decent dollar these days.

    I really like that bracket that Paul sells. What keeps it in position when folded back, is it a spring loaded hinge, or is there a latch that locks it up? Will it stay down at higher speeds, if you wanted it to? Without any support at the bottom of the plate, doesn't the plate tend to flap or vibrate, in either position?
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    The plate bracket is spring loaded and will stay in the up position while driving. When pulled down, it will stay in the down position while driving. It is a combo of a spring and an 'over the center' design.

    The hinge will support upwards of 40lbs, much more than the weight of a license plate. I don't recommend using a frame around the plate, it only adds unnecessary weight


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