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Thread: 13 States Need To Lock Down Now

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    Maybe the news stations in Canada, CBC and networks carried up there only carry stuff like CNN reports here. I can see how someone who is fed a steady diet of that could be convinced that Trump is terrible. Unless you watch OAN, Fox you would not have an alternative view at all.

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    The Canadian PM is ultra liberal so there may be something to that Bruce.

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    I can see a logical path to blaming President Trump. Many predicted that he would behave as a dictatorial tyrant but he has failed to live up to those predictions. If he was a dictator he could have swept aside the many governors and mayors who've done their best to make a bad situation worse. Same logic applies to the riots. Had President Trump taken the marginally legal step of invoking some obscure laws he could have stopped the riots on day two and that would have likely stopped them from starting in other cities.

    I would love to see the reaction had President Trump pushed aside poorly performing state officials and flexed his muscles. New York would have a lot more elderly living there but the cry's of "tyrant" would be deafening.

    I expect to hear people say that the three plus years of "Russia Russia Russia" are President Trump's fault too. After all he knew he was innocent so he should have fired Mueller on day one and put an end to the witch hunt.

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    Just wear masks.

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    Trump had nothing to do with the creation or spreading of the Wuhan Red Death - period. Fake news. But, how I view Trump in the overall scheme of things: he says stupid stuff in public and on twitter - no argument. Biden says stupid stuff in public and in interviews - no argument. But I'm going to ride with the guy who is trying to move the country in the direction I believe it needs to go in, stands for positions I agree with, and who is taking actions I 100% agree with (Trump), versus the guy who will take the country 180 degrees in the opposite direction that I want it to go, panders to the left and socialists and stands for nothing that I believe in (Biden).
    I'm now a deplorable terrorist according to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - and proud of it and my membership in NRA and Gun Owners of America.

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