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Thread: 1965 Shelby Cobra F.I.A replica by Superformance

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    1965 Shelby Cobra F.I.A replica by Superformance

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    Very nice car. I wish the EPA Emission Police would let me get a tag for one.
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    It is interesting to look at the old race pictures and realize how much those cars leaned in the corners. But then so did the rest of the cars from that time period.

    Personally I would never drive a Cobra with less than a 4 point restraint system and preferably a 5 point. I would hook up my 5 point system to just drive around the neighborhood.

    But then I knew people that had a 2 or 4 point system in their cars and never used them.

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    Is it just me or does that car look like it has a perky butt like the early Factory Fives?

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