Greetings Cobra Gang!

I am happy to announce that Nostalgic Motoring is offering a special offer to anyone placing an order on a Backdraft Cobra by January 31, 2020.

Included at no-charge will be heated seats (appropriate for even southern climates on cool mornings), front-end and rear fender paint protection film and remote fluid reservoirs. The total value of these items that will be included in your order is over $2,300!

And we continue to include for any Cobra purchased from Nostalgic Motoring by a military veteran an additional $1,000 price reduction.

Check out several examples of Backdraft Cobras our site – Nostalgic Motoring Backdraft Cobras

I am happy to “talk Cobras” anytime and provide a proposal for a Backdraft RT4 customized to your specifications.

Contact me at 586.489.5990 or email

Thanks, and have a Happy New Year!!

Jeff Grice